Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have been giving classes in an Internet Apps Development course in the last semester. In fact, it was a little test. I have asked students to develop proposals for a small application with a commercial potential. They have prepared presentations and implemented prototypes. I think, they enjoyed a new approach: walking through the Cloud Computing technology, SaaS and prototype development. I also was surprised with the quality and number of good-looking prototypes. This has motivated me to go bigger. I have decided to start an Entrepreneurs Club and repeat almost the same but focus more on how to start real business. Our students, I believe, have a good technical background but do not have the guts and knowledge to go to the market. We have to fix it. Tomorrow is the day, keep the fingers crossed, I am meeting with an important group of investors asking them to support our effort. If all goes well we’ll get prize money for the best prototype proposal competition, which we will launch end of May. The first price is three months stay Silicon Valley incubator. Stay tuned for the next messages …

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