Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eucalyptus-next step

We are starting the first jobs on successfully installed Eucalyptus cloud. The primary intent is to use the cloud for image processing, testing new algorithms. The CMP group is using some Terra Bytes of images for testing or compare new algorithms. Typically the algorithm is implemented in Matlab. To ease the provisioning of the tasks we are building standard Eucalyptus Machine Image (EMI) with Debian Linux and installed Matlab. This will allow researchers simply start the image, log-in through ssh and start the script with the experiment. The pictures are stored on our servers. The volumes must be mounted to the EMI instance before the experiment starts. We are in the middle of the initial tests. For the basic management we use the Eucalyptus euca2tools and the Hybridfox plug-in for Firefox browser. We are looking for testers to prove that our environment is stable and accumulate some experience. While doing these first steps we have started to look at ways how to make the process of testing and developing new algorithms easier. Especially the UI for starting the Matlab algorithm, monitoring and collecting the results will help. We are reviewing several tools and libraries, such as the RightScale tools and Gem for Ruby. I will report as soon as we have first batch experiments successfully running.

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