Sunday, March 20, 2011

Misko in Prague

Misko Hevery, top Google programmer is coming to Prague tomorrow. He is going to give two presentations on Monday and Tuesday. He will focus on the Test Driven Design (TDD) methodology and philosophy.  The technology will be presented on real examples. TDD is a standard Google technology used to develop all their products. Misko is an evangelist and propagator of this technology for several years. He has the hands-on experience as well as the experience sharing his views with developers. The TDD is one of the key elements of Google success. There are not too many opportunities to see presentations about proven top notch technologies delivered by top experts, do not miss this unique chance and join us for the presentations.

We will meet at the CVUT, Karlovo namesti 13. Here is the plan:
  • 21.03.2011 Monday 18:00 19:30 KN:E-301   
  • 22.03.2011, Tuesday, 18:00 19:30 KN:E-107
    • Psychology of TDD: We explain the reasoning behind TDD and  common pitfalls and why it is hard to introduce it into organization. (Slides here:
    • This is the theory behind the TDD demo

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