Monday, April 25, 2011

Research proposal

I was busy preparing a proposal for the Czech Grant Agency research grant last weeks. With my team we have been brainstorming for quite some time about new directions in the Cloud computing research with no clear conclusion. (see previous blogs).

The benefit of a deadline is that you have to finish the job on time. This made us to put together finally a reasonable plan. The proposal has nine pages, therefore I am copying just the executive summary:

Every growing company needs to quickly design new applications supporting business processes. Lot of effort has been spent on the RAD tools for UI, but the back end RAD tools do not exist, slowing down the development.

Design a declarative resource management, configuring and provisioning the web SaaS applications 100% from the client side. Design REST APIs to match the business processes CRUD applications requirements and resources usage paradigms. In other words design tools with no programming required on the server.

Back end RAD tools with declarative resource management will result in easier, faster development cycle and standardization of database REST APIs. The complete application code will be on the client side. These APIs combined with modern NoSQL decentralized, distributed databases will deliver large volume and high availability resource management for scalable multi-tenant applications.

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