Tuesday, May 31, 2016

X.GLU startup in eClub

Last week I have visited the Pioneers festival in Vienna. This was also the first public presentation of the new eClub startup X.GLU.

The X.GLU startup has developed a revolutionary glucometer called X.GLU. It is the smallest glucose meter, it is the size of a credit card and simply slips to your wallet. X.GLU requires no batteries and no wires to read the sugar level on your smartphone. As long as your smartphone is charged, the glucose meter works. No maintenance required. The X.GLU uses a standard connector for a biomedical sensor paper. It comes in a convenient bag along with disinfection tissues, lancets, and testing strips. The read out is transmitted by the NFC technology providing a secure wireless link between X.GLU  and the smartphone. Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and similar wireless technology, the NFC cannot be sniffed from a distance of more than several inches. The measured values are displayed and stored in the smartphone. An encrypted connection sends the X.GLU data in a cloud and makes it available to physicians providing instant feedback in treatment.

The smartphone app comes with a how-to video. It shows detailed instructions on, how to treat the skin before taking the sample and the method for properly taking the blood sample. The app also conveniently reminds the user about  the scheduled measurement time.

The mastermind of the new company is the inventor and owner Marek Novak, who came with the idea of glucometer. Marek is one of the most active students in eClub. He has worked already on several IoT-related projects, but X.GLU is the first one we want to get to production. eClub helped in complementing Marek’s knowledge and found experts in sales and marketing to create a functional company. They start their operation from our scientific incubator.

It is great news for eClub. We all will try to do our best helping to start a productive and successful path to market. We are looking for other students teams with startup ideas. Join us during the eClub Summer Camp.


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