Sunday, March 12, 2017

Alexa socialbot testers wanted!

We are finishing the last details, of the Alquist social bot.  Today we are opening the first preview for testers.  If you are interested, leave your email. We will send you instructions. The total number of testers is limited. Hurry up!

If you do not own Echo or other Alexa appliance, install the or Reverb on your cell, and you are ready to start. Upon signing up, we will email you all required details. We are interested in your feedback.

The chatbot is not perfect but, it is the time to start learning how users interact and collect the feedback. We need real users who are not familiar with the system. Amazon is helping us with their internal testing system, and it is a unique opportunity. Help us!

What can you expect?  We have trained Alquist to carry a simple dialog, it knows how to answer factoid questions using the Wikidata DB, and how to give help. Recently, we have made advances in creating a simple dialog within limited domains with frequently changing data.

All is still under development with a lot of quirks and twists, but your feedback will help us to improve. Thanks!